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    Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes


    It is located in the Mexican state of the same name. Aguascalientes borders to the north with Zacatecas and to the south with Jalisco. It is located simultaneously in the geographic center of the country, in the region of El Bajío (specifically in the Bajío Occidente).

    To Mexico – 491 Km – 5 hours 20 minutes

    To Guadalajara – 221 Km – 2 hours 45 minutes

    To San Luis Potosi – 172 Km – 2 hours 20 minutes

    To Zacatecas – 119 Km – 1 hour 35 minutes

    To León, Guanajuato – 124 Km – 1 hour 43 minutes



    By land

    There is first class bus service from the most popular destinations such as Guadalajara, Zacatecas, León, Guanajuato and Mexico City which provide service to this city, such as Primera Plus, Turistar, ETN, Estrella Blanca and Omnibus de México.

    By air

    Lic. Jesús Terán Peredo International Airport or Aguascalientes International Airport is an international airport located 24 kilometers south of the capital city of Aguascalientes; itreceives domestic flights from airlines such as Aeromexico, Volaris, Interjet and Delta Air Lines.


    The gastronomic tradition Aguascalientes currently possesses has been shaped over the years to a large extent with recipes from travelers from other lands and was enriched with local ingredients.

    Most of the gastronomy is based on meats, emphasizing menudo, pozole, and ram birria in both ways, in the pot or tatemada. But undoubtedly the typical dish of Aguascalientes is the famous San Marcos chicken, which is prepared mainly during the famous Fair of San Marcos and is based on fruits of the region. Are also typical of its cuisine the stuffed gorditas, the suckling pig, Aguascalientes chili and peasant soup.

    An unmissable stop in the city is to go to San Pancho, as locals affectionately call the municipality of San Francisco de los Romo, to eat the best carnitas or gorditas stuffed with potatoes, chili slices with cheese or the stew of your choice.

    During a visit to Aguascalientes, you can also enjoy other dishes such as puchero, ranchera sauce, birria, the Aguascalientes-style mole, the chick in enchilada sauce, the baked goat, the nopales with beans, pork toast in vinegar, deep-fried taquitos, the famous red enchiladas, ranchera pork meat, the loin in chile bola sauce and a wide variety of dishes that your palate can enjoy in the famous diners of the city.


    Among the important activities for those who are traveling is to go shopping, either for personal tastes, for taking souvenirs on their return or simply for window shopping, so a walk through shops and malls is almost mandatory.

    Shopping in Aguascalientes can satisfy the most varied tastes; one of the traditional streets is Nieto Street, famous for its variety of shops selling embroidered, frayed and woven items, as well as fashion garments and other textiles in general; there are also the famous markets which attract many traders with offers of the most varied foods, herbs, natural products, sweets, beautiful crafts and even one where you can find all kinds of "chacharas", ideal if you are a collector and you are looking for rare or antique items.

    Similarly, in the Historic Center area there is the only Jewelry Center in the area and a Shoe Center, two places that you will surely want to visit. The malls or shopping centers in Aguascalientes also feature a number of options. Local brands or those with international prestige stand out, clothing stores, accessories and shoes will be light for the eyes of those interested and an ideal opportunity for them to get pampered.


    Aguascalientes has many places where you can find hot springs, which besides being the reason for its name (Aguascalientes means Hot Waters), are the main reason why this region has become famous. Several Spas have been created in the area, taking advantage of the natural benefits of these places and the therapeutic benefits they offer to the body. One of the most traditional sites are the Baños de Ojocaliente, which date back to the 19th century, whose waters come from a spring that bears the same name.

    Beyond hot and medicinal waters, Aguascalientes is a destination with wonderful sites of great historical and cultural value, such as its historic center, which presents an impeccable architectural preservation of its buildings and its art inherited by past generations, as well as beautiful parks such as the San Marcos Garden, a public space that has become an city icon.

    During a visit to Aguascalientes, it is suggested to visit the San Antonio Temple, the National Museum of Death, the Tres Centurias Park, the Aguascalientes Museum, the Regional History Museum, a walk in the Hidalgo Pavilion, the Plaza de la Revolution and its different traditional markets.

    Another added value that Aguascalientes features is that it has an excellent festive and first-class sports program in which the famous San Marcos Fair, the Calaveras Fair, soccer and motor sports, stand out carried out throughout the year so that whichever the season the city is visited, there is always something to do.

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