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  • Hoteles Boutique de México - A curated collection for the discerning traveler

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    Boutique Weddings
    By David Pezzat & Erick Pozos
    Boutique Weddings
    By David Pezzat & Erick Pozos
    Boutique Weddings
    By David Pezzat & Erick Pozos
    Boutique Weddings
    By David Pezzat & Erick Pozos
    Boutique Weddings
    Boutique Weddings
    Boutique Weddings
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    Boutique Weddings

    Through our travels and by listening to the recommendations of our clients and love-struck couples who share their experiences with us, we have found delightful hotels where romance abounds with intimate and discrete spaces that invite love and seduction, romantic escapes perfect for dream and fantasy weddings or a spiritual ceremony for just the two of you.

    Fabulous views, spaces with personality and charm, unique spots worthy of a professional photo and open areas full of magic and fantasy that you and your partner could have imagined only in the wedding of your dreams. Carriages, horses, doves, fireworks, butterflies, secluded beaches, sea or mountain views, haciendas and Mexican mansions, flowers, fabrics that dance in the breeze, stunning decorations, after hours, menus designed and tailored for each couple, the entire hotel staff dedicated to your celebration, indigenous and spiritual rituals, rehearsals, anniversaries, vow renewals, intimate weddings … Everything, EVERYTHING is possible for a spectacular and unforgettable wedding full of romance, magic, privacy.

    hoteles-boutique-de-mexico-bodas-info-4Why should you consider our Boutique Weddings?

    • Because we have a select list of charming hotels. You will surely find one to match both your dreams and your pocket.
    • Because boutique hotels offer total privacy. So that you enjoy a truly intimate space, boutique hotels guarantee that all the facilities are available just for you, your partner and your guests.
    • Because you have 100% of the staff dedicated to your event. Just like the facilities, all the staff will be focused on meeting those sensory details you hoped for, complete comfort and privacy for both guests and the lucky couple.
    • For the possibility of extended hours. Because there is no risk of upsetting other clients who are not your guests with noise generated by your event, your party can last longer than usual, contrary to the corporate policies you will find in traditional hotels.
    • For the photo shoot! Check out our galleries, they speak for themselves; the locations are simply fabulous and inspiring.
    • Because we offer specialized wedding services for different religions and cultures.
    • Because many of our Boutique Hotels have their own chapel, which helps to optimize times and spaces in one location for a magnificent experience.
    • Because you will not need to escape halfway through your reception party to leave for your honeymoon. Your honeymoon suite is but a few steps aways!
    • Because our E-Concierge Department is certified in Romantic Weddings, Same Sex Weddings and
    • Destination Weddings, which means you will receive the benefit of expert recommendations, experience, professionalism, discretion and perfect logistical organization at any of our wonderful hotels.

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    Are you looking to Elope?

    These intimate, charming “petite” weddings held in secret guarantee an unbeatable but very, VERY signification celebration.
    Over the past few years this is a term we have seen grow in importance among select groups of wedding planners and coordinators as more and more couples fall in love with the idea of being the sole protagonists of their day, being the only ones present at their intimate celebration. Boutique Hotels are ideally suited for these types of events, given their characteristics and philosophy of “privacy and personalized service.”

    Destination Weddings

    Another romantic trend for the twenty-first century is the tendency towards couples inviting their family and friends to join them in a location other than their usual place of residence for the sole purpose of celebrating their wedding in an appealing destination. Within our private collection, Mexico Boutique Hotels offers over 35 distinct destinations so that you can choose the place you’ve always dreamed, offering hotels with a small, select number of rooms, full of life and romantic spaces.

    Honeymoons, Anniversaries and Vow Renewals

    Enjoy all the same incredible characteristics offered for weddings yet for a different romantic purpose. Love has no age, every moment is worth celebrating, and for those special times, we are ready to advise, recommend and create memorable moments for you, for life …
    Check us out for yourselves!