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    8 simple pleasures to enjoy the Banderas Bay

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    8 simple pleasures to enjoy the Banderas Bay

    Visiting the Banderas Bay and the Pacific coast is an enriching experience whose memories will last a lifetime. There exists an array of activities which allow you to know and live first-hand the costumes and traditions of the area dwellers. We bring to you a small list of “simple pleasures” to make your visit to this beautiful area a more authentic one.

    1. Sculptures tour on the Vallarta Malecón – the boardwalk starts from the legendary Rosita Hotel across from Puerto Vallarta’s fishing cooperative union. At this very spot also starts the most interesting collection of public sculptures in Mexico, the sculptures of Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón:
    • The Millennia by Mathis Lidice (2001)
    • Origin and Destiny by Pedro Tello (2011)hoteles-boutique-de-mexico-5-placeres-simples-para-disfrutar-de-Bahía-de-Banderas
    • Nostalgia by Ramiz Barquet (1984)
    • The Subtle Rockeater by Jonás Gutiérrez (2006)
    • Unicorn of Good Fortune by Aníbal Riebeling (2011)
    • Triton and Nereid by Carlos Espino (1990)
    • The Roundabout of the Sea by Alejandro Colunga (1996)
    • In Search of Reason by Sergio Bustamante (2000)
    • The Seahorse by Rafael Zamarripa (1976)
    • The Friendship Fountain by James Bottoms and Octavio González Gutiérrez (1987)
    • Vallarta Dancers by Jim Demetro (2006)
    • Eriza-Dos by Blu (Maritza Vásquez) (2007)
    • Paschal Baylon by Ramiz Barquet (2008)
    • Lorena Ochoa by Octavio Gonzalez Gutiérrez (2012)
    • The Washer Woman by Jim Demetro (2008)
    • Ándale Bernardo by Jim Demetro (2014)
    • Shark in Spiral by Ramiz Barquet (1996)
    • The Seahorse by Rafael Zamarripa – the original (1976)
    1. Gringo Gulch Tour – one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta. Here is Casa Kimberly, home of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor during the 1960’s and 70’s, which helped the area become very popular as a residence place among gringos (Americans) who moved to Vallarta temporarily or permanently. Touring these streets means to relive the years when Vallarta became world famous.
    2. Touribus tour by Nuevo Vallarta – take a 40-minute tour through the most popular spots in Nuevo Vallarta on board the trolley-looking bus and enjoy the sun and good weather characteristic of Nuevo Vallarta.
    3. Art galleries tour – the Banderas Bay has been an attractive destination for art lovers for a few decades. Organizations of painters, sculptors, photographers and artists of the most diverse disciplines exhibit their art and organize shows and events during the winter – spring season in the galleries abounding in the bay.
    4. Rio Cuale visit – the Cuale River crosses downtown Vallarta and in its mouth it features an island which was an urban settlement for many years. For the last forty years it has been used as a cultural and commercial center. There you can find art workshops, a pre-Hispanic History museum, gallhoteles-boutique-de-mexico-5-placeres-simples-para-disfrutar-de-Bahía-de-Banderaseries, restaurant and a tianguis with the most varied items.
    5. Gaze the sunset – one of the most heart-warming events is available from any point of the bay, a spectacle that changes every day and allows you to admire the palette of colors drawn on the sea and sky canvass when the sun touches the horizon.
    6. Drinking tuba or tejuino – tuba is made from coconut palm, from which a fermented juice is obtained with a very low alcoholic degree, mixed with chopped nuts and fruits, whereas tejuino is made from corn and sweetened with piloncillo. Both are offered by artisan vendors who prepare them for your enjoyment.
    7. Bicycle touring – be it that you are a die-hard biker or a casual fan, many areas in the bay are conditioned to ride your vehicle in a fun and safe way. Every Wednesday in Puerto Vallarta and Friday in Bahía de Banderas there is a well-attended bike tour.

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    Paco Morás (Eng)

    A translation and interpretation specialist, Paco Morás is also passionate for literature, music and tourism. For the last fifteen years he has worked as a language and service trainer in the high-end hotel industry in the Vallarta – Nayarit area. He has also collaborated as a free-lance writer in several electronic and printed media.

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