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    Boutique Hotels, way beyond lodging

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    Boutique Hotels, way beyond lodging

    The lodging industry is practically as old as humankind itself. Man’s need to travel for economic reasons brought about the need to stay overnight in a place different from his home and specialized places to take care of travelers came to be.

    These travelers have also seen a change of their needs along history, and it has been in the las one hundred and fifty years that the hotel premises as we currently know them have developed under the concept of attention to tourists and business travelers.

    Starting from last century’s eighties, a segment of lodging services has enjoyed a booming growth, focused on a very special kind of traveler: the boutique hotels, just our specialty.

    Boutique hotels are born as an answer to the demand of travelers who don’t feel satisfied with what traditional hotel industry has to offer. It is not only about luxury – present in many traditional hotels both of chain or individual ownership – but about a combination of factors that set boutique hotels in a different niche from the rest.

    The boutique hotel’s personality is of essence. The presence of unique and unrepeatable details makes each one of our collection members a jewel in itself, ripe for our guests to enjoy. But beyond all the facilities and amenities we offer, our most valuable element is an intangible one: it is the fact that we care for our guests and with that in mind we prepare ourselves every day to make them feel literally better than at home.

    This personalized attention that has become a cliché in the hotel industry takes a new meaning at Mexico Boutique Hotels. The mutual knowledge between the hotels and the guests has created a true pairing reflected on the experiences each of the travelers who have made a second home of ours delight in in every visit.

    So now you know, call us at 01 800 508 7923 or email us at [email protected] to visit some of our hotels and become part of #BoutiqueLifestyle.

    Paco Morás

    Especialista en traducción e interpretación, Paco Morás es además un apasionado de la escritura, la música y el turismo. Durante los últimos tres lustros se ha dedicado a la capacitación en lenguaje y servicio en la industria hotelera de alto nivel en el área de Vallarta – Nayarit, además de escribir para diversos medios impresos y electrónicos de la zona.

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