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    San Sebastián Bernal
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    San Sebastián Bernal

    San Sebastián Bernal

    San Sebastián Bernal, Querétaro


    San Sebastián Bernal,  belongs to the  municipality of Ezequiel Montes and it is located 35 miles  from the Capital of the state of Querétaro, in the 200 KM of the highway México –  Querétaro.

    To Querétaro –  35 miles – 39 min

    To Guanajuato – 105 miles – 2hrs 26 min

    To León – 144 miles- 2hrs 30 min


    From Mexico city, you should take the highway 57, México – Querétaro before San Juan del Río, you should take the highway 120 towards Tequisquiapán, passing Tequisquiapán, you wil arrive to Ezequiel Montes, taking the highway 4 to San Sebastián Bernal. It is a 3 hrs. driving.

    The buses leave from the North bus terminal , you take the bus to Ezequiel –  San Sebastián Bernal, from there you take another one to Tolimán. The road takes approximately 3 and a half hours depending on the bus line.

    The International Airport of Querétaro  has flights from: Un ited Airlines, Aero México, Volaris and American Airlines.


    A very important part of the gastronomy in San Sebastián Bernal, is the food prepared in claw casseroles and old stoves that give a palate, for example gorditas (stuffed thick tortillas) with red chili, enchiladas with salted meat, nopal cactus, and barbacoa (sheep steamed meat).

    The typical bernal candies, jamoncillos, glorias, cajeta and obleas will make your life swetter. You can find a variety of places where to find them.


    Shopping in San Sebastián Bernal, is one of the more attractive activities that you can make. The “ Centro artesanal La Aurora” is a place ideal to find all type of handcrafts, but they are specialized in wool items.

    Ideal to find carved wood of high quality and original designs, downtown is the palce.

    The artcrafts market is a clasic in the town. Here you will find hundreds of artcrafts . From pottery, paintings, manta clothes to wood sculptures that are elaborated in front of the visitors and are for sale. This market is only set on weekends in the Revolution Avenue.


    Visit the Bernal Crag.

    This monolith of approximately 350 meters high and 10 million years of existence, is considered the third bigger in the world after the Peñón de Gibraltar in España and the Pan de Azúcar in Brazil. For its height and historic relevance, this crag represents the place ideal if you like hiking and rappel. Also she can enjoy an incredible light show, water and sounds.

    Walking Tours

    An excelent way to enjoy San Sebastián Bernal is to go over its streets, visiting houses constructed during the XVII century. The tourism office offers two tours; the first one tells the story of the town and the geology ogf the crag; the second relates the foundation of San Sebastían Bernal and the procession of the encourage.

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    San Sebastián Bernal
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