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    Mariscos Tino’s
    Mariscos Tino’s
    Mariscos Tino’s
    Mariscos Tino’s
    Mariscos Tino’s
    Mariscos Tino’s
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    Mariscos Tino’s

    1 855 223 6061
    +52 322 223 2808
    House chef

    hoteles-boutique-de-mexico-expresionesculinarias-tinos-vallarta-info-2Mariscos Tino's el Malecón is located in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco, consider as the friendliest port in the world.  A priviledge location for this restaurant, full of history, tradition and beauty, as it is just at the begining of the boardwalk. The history of Tino's start in the 90's, it was a small place out of downtown Puerto Vallarta, at the time it could only host 12 persons. Don Tino,his wife and his mother started the bussiness, they offered just cocktails and toasts, simple dishes, after some months they included in the menu the zarandeado style fish; this dish became the signature dish of the house. After two years, the bussiness grew and the construction of a new stablishment began in 1993, this is when the oficial history of Maricos Tino's started. From this moment, the menu grew welcoming dishes like the Tino's Shells, Crab Tacos, Tino's Grill among others. By 1996 Tino's was the favorite for locals and tourists. In 2009 Tino's el Malecon open its doors in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.


    Restaurante Tino's el Malecón is a new place that can host up to 130 persons in different stages, with a tropical ambience with bright colors like yellow or orange offer the guests a unique and special atmosphere. Its Kid's Club where children can play in a safe and fun environment while the parents enjoy their meals with no worries.


    The traditional Zarandeado Fish is considered the signature dish. The staff will recommend you the most exquisit flavors, as well as the Chef's Specials pair with a selection of wine that will make more enjoyable your experience.


    Considered the place to visit for the Seafood, simplicity, quality and a rustic Vallarta feeling, surounded by the years of traditions of its kitchen tell the story of flavor of Tino's Malecón, the perfect blend between the sea and the tradition of a town.


    Mariscos Tino’s

    Order Crab Tacos (3 pieces)         
    Corn tortilla prepared with a touch of chipotle cream

    Order Marlin Fish Tacos (3 pieces)     
    Prepared with flour tortilla

    Order Shrimp Taco with Cactus (3 pieces)  
    Soft corn tortilla, grilled cactus, cheese, red sauce and a Mexican touch

    Taco Governor (1 piece)
    Corn tortilla, cheese and shrimp cooked on the grill

    Taco my President (1 piece)      
    Corn tortilla, beans, cheese and shrimp cooked on the grill

    Shrimp Turnover (1 piece) 

    Ceviche Tostada               

    Shrimp or Octopus Tostada     

    Marlin Tostada      

    Popcorn Shrimp      
    Delicious shrimp popcorn bathed in a beer paste paired with a special house dressing aromatized with jalapeño

    “Balazo”  Shot Hot (shrimp, octopus, oyster or mixed)   
    Refreshing clamato shot served with freshly chopped cucumber, celery, onion, coriander, lime and tomatoes served in a shot glass


    Shrimp Cocktail
    Octopus Cocktail
    Scallop Cocktail
    Sea Snail Cocktail 
    Oyster Cocktail (Seasonal)      

    Mixed Cocktail   
    All cocktails are served with tomato, onion, cucumber and avocado slices and shrimp juice at room temperature

    Fish Ceviche                   
    Served with slices of avocado

    Shrimp Ceviche or Aguachile 
    Butterfly shrimp marinated in lime juice, onion, tomato, fresh coriander and cucumber

    Mixed Seafood Snack      
    Shrimp, octopus, snail, small scallops, and oyster (seasonal) served with slices of onion, tomato, cucumber, avocado and coriander

    Steamed Shrimp (1/2 kg)        
    Shrimp with head to peel steamed and paired with cucumber, tomato, onion and coriander

    Shrimp Cucaracha Style (½ kg)  
    Fried shrimp stew and grilled with garlic, chile de árbol and spacy sauce.

    Scallop Snack 
    Served with slices of onion, tomato, cucumber and coriander

    Mussels Meuniere (9 pieces)  
    Prepared with butter, garlic, finely chopped parsley and white wine


    Mixed House Salad   
    Combination of lettuce, tomato, celery, bell pepper, carrot and avocado
    Dressings: Thousand Island, Ranch, Vinaigrette, Oil and Vinegar

    Shrimp Salad with Mayonnaise
    Shrimp with mayonnaise, onion, cucumber, celery and finely chopped lettuce, served in a lettuce leaf with avocado slices

    Shrimp Stuffed Avocado
    A flavorful avocado stuffed with fresh shrimp and topped with Thousand Island dressing


    Fish Soup

    Shrimp Soup

    Clam Chowder

    Seven Seas Soup
    Shrimp, octopus, snail, small scallops, fish, crab, and mussels

    Mariscos Tino’s
    Main Courses


    Chicken Fajitas
    Combination of bell pepper and onion with filleted chicken, served with beans and guacamole

    Chicken Breast Grilles or Cooked with Firewood
    Juicy chicken breast served with buttery vegetables and a baked potato

    Filet Mignon
    Bathed in mushroom sauce, accompanied with baked potato and buttery vegetable

    Rib Eye
    Grilled served with buttery vegetable and baked potato

    All ingredients are processed with the highest standards of hygiene and quality. However, the consumption of raw seafood is at your own risk. If you are allergic to any product, please let us know.


    Fish Filet Any Way you Like it
    Garlic, butter, zarandeado style, roasted served with potato and buttery vegetables

    Fish Fillet "To Diabla" or "Ajillo Sauce" Style
    Served with white rice and buttery vegetables

    Breaded Fillet
    Served with baked potato and buttery vegetables

    Seafood Stuffed Fish Fillet
    Grilled fish fillet and served with a combination of shrimp, octopus, snail, small scallops, prepared with white sauce gratin. White rice and buttery vegetables

    Shrimp "To the Diabla" or "Ajillo Sauce" Style
    Served with white rice and buttery vegetables

    Shrimp Any Way you Like it
    Garlic, butter, zarandeado style, broiled or breaded served with baked potato with buttery vegetables

    Seafood "Ajillo" Style
    Shrimp, conch, octopus, small scallops, mussels, in a guajillo chile sauce, butter, garlic, white wine, parsley  with buttery vegetables and white rice

    Shrimp Kebab

    Fish Kebab

    Mixed Kebab

    **All kebab are grilled on a needle with your chose seafood with onion, tomato and green pepper, served on a base of rice with baked potato and buttery vegetables


    Fillet "Popeye"
    Wrapped fillet stuffed with seafood and cheddar cheese, topped with a sauce of fresh spinach

    Spaguetti with Sefood
    Shrimp, sea snail, octopus and small scallops, prepared with butter and garlic in a tomato sauce

    Venice Shrimp
    Butterfly shrimp served with spaguetti in tomato sauce

    Coconut Mango Shrimp
    A Classic Tino´s! served with 2 sauces, coconut and mango with a sweet salad

    Whole Octopus in White Wine and Parseley
    Prepared with butter garlic, and finely chopped parsley

    Shrimp to the "Gabardina" style
    Wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheddar cheese, cooked on the grill, served with baked potato, buttery vegetables and pineapple dressing

    Fish Zarandeado "Style" (By Kilo)
    One of our great specialties! Prepared with fresh seasonal fish served with tortillas, red onion and sauces. (Preparation 30 minutes) Price per kilo

    Tino's Grand Grilled
    Lobster, grilled shrimp, shrimp “gabardine” style, mussels, octopus, small shrimp, clam scallops, sea snail, crab  and zarandeado fillet, baked potato and buttered vegetables

    Tino's Conch au Gratin (3 Pieces)
    Stuffed shrimp, octopus and small scallop with mushrooms, bacon, spinach, bechamel sauce and parsley. Cheese gratin and white rice

    Lobster Any Way You Like it
    Garlic, grilled, the butter, to the “diabla” style, steamed or “ajillo” style, accompanied with buttery vegetables and baked potato

    Lobster Thermidor
    Prepared with brandy, Italian sauce, mushrooms, onion, garlic and spinach gratin sauce.

    Surf and Turf
    Rib eye and lobster to taste with buttery vegetable and baked potato


    The Chef Rogelio Gaviño, who runs Tino's kitchen has a wide experience running kitchens in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta and with over eight years experience and tradition in Tino's el Malecón. His is the mind behind the culinary fusions and creations that delight the tastes of its visitors.


    Rogelio Gaviño offers three specialties to all visitors. One of them is the famous "Zarandeado Fish" catch of the day prepared with a specil sauce, red onion and homemade sauces. The second dish is "Coconut-Mango Shrimp" acomppanied with a sweet salad, and finally the "Meuniere Mussels" prepared with butter, garlic and white wine.

    12:00 p.m. – 11:00 pm Open from Monday to Sunday
    Price Range
    Average Check $300 pesos M.N.
    1 855 223 6061
    +52 322 223 2808
    • Dinning Room with Air Conditioned
    • Terrace with view to the boardwalk
    • 2 hrs. of parking
    • Kids area
    • Wireless Internet
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