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    1 855 223 6061 / + 52 (322) 221 2277
    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro
    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro
    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro
    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro
    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro
    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro
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    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro

    1 855 223 6061
    +52 647 428 0142
    House chef

    hoteles-boutique-de-mexico-expresionesculinarias-teresitas-alamos-info-2Teresita´s Panadería & Bistró  was not a  project that came out of  the blue prints, it was spontaneous. Teresita, the owner arrive to Álamos, Sonora in an early stage of her life, single and with many ideas to put in practice. Was at this moment when she fell in love with an ancient colonial house of 200 years old, restore by the previous owners, it was the perfect place to start building her dreams. A small hotel with restaurant service.

    With effort and love the " Red Door" opened - a small Inn, where breakfast, lunch and paired dinnerd where served as well as special events where hosted. With the acceptance of the clients a more appropriate place for the concept was choosen, creating the nowdays Teresita's Panadería y Bistró.

    The evolution tha it has on a daily basis is what makes it an important place in the destination, growing its menu from baguettes, to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also they additioned a wine selection, with Wagner wines imported from California among others. Having the fortune of serving a salmon fillet for dinner directly from Alaska.

    In this four years Teresita's continues with the changes in the menu, using local and foreign suppleirs to offer an interesting menu with an international touch. 

    hoteles-boutique-de-mexico-expresionesculinarias-teresitas-alamos-info-1YOU SHOULD KNOW...

    Teresita's offer packages for events or parties, they are unique, the experience of fine dinning, good service and a variety of options for the clientsare perfect to enjoy everything that Teresita's puts on the table.


    The special desserts as the chocolate tarta with almonds, carrot cake with cream cheese glaze and the classic frech tatin tart. The breads for breakfast goes from the warm almond croissants, glorious carrott muffins and cinnamon rolls.

    The homemade bread are also a most, as well as the baguettes, but the list has grown to the point of include italian, walnut whole wheat, whole wheat, rosemary, gluten free and organic whole wheat from Sonora.


    Visiting its fabulous boutique where you can find excelent artisan Tequila, paper skulls, Teresita's aprons and Frida Kahlo's art pieces made by the artist Ana.

    Picturesque and authentic art crafts in Álamos, Sonora that Teresita's present to all her visitors.


    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro


    Lettuces of our garden and seasoning of the house

    Super simple
    Lettuces, green apple, hazelnuts, peppers, onion, crostini with goat cheese & house dressing.

    Roman lettuce with sheets of parmesan cheese and herb crotón  accompanied of toast with untable of anchovies. 
    *With grilled chiken

    Abierto de atún
    Tuna, red onion, pickles and celery. on a bed of lettuces and toast.

    A wedge of iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing, red onion, tomato, hard-boiled egg, bacon and croutons.

    Grilled chicken, lettuces, tomato, red pepper, onion, apple, avocado tossed with our house dressing, topped with artichoke soufflé


    Rich pureed bean soup with a touch of spice

    Smoked red bell pepper and tomato soup with basil

    Red caramelized onion and a touch of spice.

    Teresita’s Panadería and Bistro
    Main Courses


    Bacon, lettuce and tomato

    Jamon y queso
    Grilled with our rosemary bread

    Panini de italia
    Cheese, basil pesto and tomato sauce
    * Bread with integral with nut 75p

    Baguette tibio
    Warmed sliced petite baguette filled w/ ham & gruyere cheese served w/ Dijon mustard sauce


    Sauce of tomato, garlic and basil

    Sauce of parmesan cheese and I ruffle
    * With grilled chiken

    Sauce of tomato with capers, anchovies and olives   


    Rollo de carne del sr. Shannon
    Mr. Shannon’s stuffed, rolled flank steak served with herbed rice

    Pechuga belin
    Chicken breast filled w/cream cheese, pear, and red pepper in sauce of coconut and orange.

    Pork loin baked in sauce of banana, accompanied of corn flan.

    Chamorro de puerco
    Aromatized with garlic and baked in orange juice.

    Chile en nogada
    Our version of this Mexican classic with chile pasilla and cream walnut sauce

    Rib eye
    Grilled rib eye cut with a special seasoning of the house.


    Teresita Shannon, chef of the palce with over 30 years experience in the kitchen, and with a team with no comparison, has always love cooking, as her grandmother from swedish origen was a fantastique cook and the responsible for teaching the culinary basis since her childhood.

    But it was not the only thing tought, but also that food is the entrance gate to the heart and soul.

    Her culinary culture does not end there, as her grandparents lived in Panamá and took their holidays in Mexico, which influence teresita in the desition of living in this beautiful country.

    Always caring of the details in the kitchen, Teresita has achieve to create harmony in her dishes and desserts that are well known in Álamos.


    The "Mr. Roll" is the main dish of the house. The game of flavors and textures that it has are a delight for the palate. Starting with the perfect cooking of the meat, the creamy sauce and the flavors in their stuffed which is a mix of cheese and mushrooms will leave satisfied the more demanding customers.

    If we talk about greens, Teresita's is ahead. Starting with their lettuces cultivated specially for this combination, the vegetables are fresh and served with a mango dressing, integrating the flavors; the artichoke soufflé is the perfect balance of flavors.

    Tuesdy - Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Sundy: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    1 855 223 6061
    +52 647 428 0142
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