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    Art in Queretaro: La Casa del Atrio

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    Art in Queretaro: La Casa del Atrio

    Received an email this evening asking me about the ‘Art’ collection we mention when speaking of our new member hotel: La Casa del Atrio in the beautiful city of Queretaro—A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Here is what we responded:

    La Casa del Atrio mainly exposes 50% Mexican art from all over and then 50% local Art by ‘Queretanos’. This was a promise the owner made to his community when he opened the gallery. We love this, by the way!

    Artists featured include: Román Miranda, Marcela Herbert (Director of the Museo de Arte de Querétaro. She is a friend of the owner of this tiny hotel and accesible to meet visitors on request) Ticha González, Claudia Ramos, Gustavo Villegas, Jordi Boldó, Esmeralda Torres, Rubén Maya, Alberto Lescay, Hernán García and photographers such as Hans Paul Brouns and Elsa Chabaud. Art is displayed throughout the hotel and rotates every 2-3 months. They have an extensive collection.

    Antiques are mostly from Mexico. They were acquired in Querétaro, Guanajuato, Celaya, León, DF, Puebla, Oaxaca,and others. It’s really Antonio Arelle’s passion (one of the owners of the hotel) and he collects a bit of everything: sacred art, bronze, porcelain, wood carvings, antique jewelery, typewriters, radios, televisions (amazing these are NOW antiques!), marble pieces, lamps, etc.

    Several pieces traveled to Mexico from France at the beginning of the XIX century and were acquired by wealthy families of this era. Antonio also has some English furniture, and porcelains from the UK, Japan and China, etc. He also has a few pieces that date back to Colonial Mexico during the XVII and XVIII century.

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