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    The Flavors of Querétaro

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    The Flavors of Querétaro

    The capital of the state, Querétaro, has been witness of many events that chage the history, visitors can be part of it by their monuments, squares and buildings… the city come alive. But it does not only offers culture, but also a great gastronomic culture that has been developing from it prehispanic origins creating gastronomic routes.

    Querétaro’s traditions comes from the Chichimeca culture, being a nomad civilization their meals were base in wild fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots and cactus. The groups that arrive later to the area brought some new flavors into their cuisine, creating an unique style.

    Some amazing dishes that you cannot missed are the Barbacoa, which is sheep meat slowly cooked underground. Some of the best places to try it are in the México – Querétaro highway. You will enjoy also of handmade tortillas, a variety of spicy sauces and a tradittional coffee, it should be your first stop in the journey.

    Other traditional dishes that you may try are de gorditas, wich are thick corn discs filled with a variety of stews, but the traditional one are the “migajas”, which is chopped fried pork meat. The enchiladas queretanas which are corn tortillas filled with carrots, potatoes and covered with a spicy sauce.

    After this spicy dishes you may want to try some of the traditional candies of the city, you will find along downtown a variety of stores that sell them.

    These are just some reasons to visit the destination and two great options to stay with a great location to look arround are:

    La Casa del Atrio

    La Casa del Naranjo


    Mary Carmen López

    Más de 10 años de trayectoria en la idustria hotelera, Lic. en Administración Hotelera y Turística, con especializaciones en Mercadotecnia y Ventas. Se ha desarrollado profesionalmente en diversos hoteles en México y en el extranjero enfocándose en los últimos años en la hotelería boutique. Apasionada por el turismo en México busca en cada viaje conocer lo más destacado a nivel cultural, gastronómico e histórico de cada destino.

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