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    Routine is boring! Get to know the newest sports you can practice this summer

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    Routine is boring! Get to know the newest sports you can practice this summer

    It is so true that motivation is an essential ingredient when it comes to start exercising. On the other hand, it is also true that all things routine can get to bore you, and yes, even in sports!

    That is why we bring to you today a list of the most novel sports that have recently appeared, for those who love sports and who want to try new things, but also for those who are considering taking on exercise but haven´t made up their mind on any sport. Maybe with this list we can help them decide.

    KITE SURF: Considered an extreme sport because its practice implies considerable physical effort, where strength and coordination are fundamental. It is about moving on the water riding a surf board powered by a kite tied to the body of the sportsperson. The fun part here is the maneuvers you can make while on the air.

    It is not recommendable for those with heart or breathing conditions. Also not advisable for those with column or knee injuries.

    AQUABIKING: This sport is a peculiar mixture of cycling and swimming. It is almost as spinning but with half your body immersed in water, stimulating muscles in the lower part of your body, calf, quadriceps, thighs, and buttocks, thus increasing cardiovascular endurance.

    BOKWA FITNESS: Novelty workout we could consider as zumba’s successor. Dynamics is the same: 45- to 60-minute sessions coordinated by an instructor. What changes here is the kind of music; these routines are carried out to the beat of African music, dynamic and merry, with steps and vocal sounds emphasizing the fun.

    AEROYOGA: Sun greeting, anantasana, bakasana, among other yoga poses are alternated with pirouettes on the air suspended from elastic hammocks. This allows the body to spin and do exercises impossible on the floor.

    This technique helps tone the muscles, improves body’s flexibility and accelerates metabolism.

    UNDERWATER RUGBY: Forty years ago a German diving instructor had the brilliant idea of carrying out the physical training exercises for his rugby tem under the water! He wanted to add motivation and fun to hi training sessions.

    The game is simple. It is played in a pool with eleven players per team, all equipped with fins to move more easily in the water, aqualungs and goggles. The aim is to get the ball in the opponents’ basket, which is 4 meters deep, and physical contact among players is permitted in order to prevent scores.

    As former athlete and elected representative Jim Ryun said: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”.

    Angela Ortega

    Nacida en el centro del país, pero pasando la mayor parte de su vida en el bello estado de Nayarit adquirió el amor por esas tierras y por las bellezas naturales que estas poseen. Con la firme convicción de ser gestora del crecimiento turístico en el estado y en el país, estudio la Licenciatura en Gestión y Desarrollo Turístico en la Universidad Tecnológica de Nayarit. De manera inmediata al finalizar sus estudios se incursionó en el mundo de la hotelería en Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, una cuidad icono del país, bien conocida por su amplia oferta hotelera. Estar inmersa en ese ámbito y desempeñando diversos puestos en diferentes áreas, le permitió desarrollar sus habilidades de trabajo en equipo, de espíritu de servicio, así como aprender los estándares de operación de un gran complejo hotelero. Pasados un par años y por motivos personales se retiro de la hoteleria, pero la vida puso en su camino a Hoteles Boutique de México, una empresa con convicciones muy similares a las personales, las cuales involucran representar a México ante el mundo como una marca que garantiza escenarios memorables gracias a sus bellezas naturales poseídas, así como un excelente trato por parte de una población que por herencia es servicial y buena anfitriona. Actualmente funge como Chief E-Concierge and Travel Designer en la empresa antes mencionada, ofreciendo día a día al viajero la oportunidad vivir una experiencia diferente donde la atención a los detalles hacen una enorme diferencia.

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