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    Independent hotels VS chain hotels

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    Independent hotels VS chain hotels

    There has always been a debate about whether chain hotels or independent hotels are better; here we have for you 6 reasons we believe will make you pick independent hotels.

    1. Independent hotels capture the essence of traveling better. While it is true that chain hotels offer consistency, trust and in general we feel more comfortable, at the same time these features are contrary to what we seek after when traveling, leaving routine behind, visiting a new place and meeting new people. An independent hotel will be part of the adventure you will have.
    2. Independent hotels make every village, town and city different from the others. Hasn’t it happened to you that when you change cities you see the same stores, restaurants and hotels? How can one enjoy the local experience if there is the same in every place? Independent hotels look to reflect the local culture and charm in their buildings, thus making you feel you are really visiting that place.
    3. Owners of local businesses keep money within the community. Supporting these independent hotels means supporting local economy, not only for the employees working there, but also for the support to the suppliers working with the hotel. Unlike chain hotels, independent hotels don’t purchase from a large, probably foreign supplier, but they look for local ones. Also, income of large chains usually go back to their country of origin, so the revenue tourism generated doesn’t stay in that place.
    4. Independent hotel promote cultural exchange. By their nature, independent hotels foster a larger interaction between locals and foreigners, so you can really soak into the site’s attractions and customs, unlike the hotel chains looking to keep customers in their premises to obtain all their consumption.
    5. Independent hotels are better for environment. There is a larger adoption of sustainable and ecological measures in the independent hotels, and there is also a better control over these systems and strategies.
    6. Independent hotels keep the local community character better. There is a trend for boutique hotels to be located in old, historical estates with some architectural value, which helps preserve the place you visit.

    What do you prefer for your pleasure travels?

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