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    Ecoturism and boutique hotels, the perfect combination

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    Ecoturism and boutique hotels, the perfect combination

    The conservation of the environment and of the cultural and social elements of each region has always been important. However, it has become very popular in recent years and more and more people are advocating this ideology. As tourism is one of the main economic activities in Mexico, it is that eco-tourism or ecological tourism has been well accepted in the country. Many destinations lend themselves perfectly to develop it and thus many tourism service providers have had to diversify their offer and work under conservation guidelines in order to offer visitors enriching activities, unique and fun but friendly with nature.

    In the following list we will know some of the many destinations in Mexico where you can live ecotourism experiences, which combined with the tailor-made experiences offered by the “Mexico Boutique Hotels”, will result in highly rewarding experiences.

    Tapachula – Chiapas

    Being a region in which the jungle predominates, its land is very fertile, which gives way to the production of organic coffee and exotic flowers. In the mountainous area of Tapachula are located several coffee plantations in which the coffee grows literally among the clouds, and the flowers grow with beautiful shapes and unique colors.

    Amid the eco tourist activities that can be carried out in Tapachula are the tours by the flower plantations and the coffee route, both can be done by jeep or walking; the more adventurous can also practice rappel and swim in the river.

    At ARGOVIA FINCA & RESORT you can find all this, besides being the best lodging option in the area.

    Bernal – Querétaro

    The so-called “Magical Town” of San Sebastian Bernal is better known by many people as “Peña de Bernal” and that’s because in this beautiful spot is located the world-famous PEÑA, the largest monolith or rock formation in Latin America.

    As LA PEÑA is the focal point of this place, to get to know it and appreciate the magnificent view from its top is the most sought-after activity among those who visit it. The most popular activities are rappelling, zip-lining, mountain biking, trekking, and of course rock climbing. Carrying out these activities with environmental responsibility is vital for the conservation of LA PEÑA, which is why it is important to approach professional tourism companies that are constantly trained to achieve a balance between customer satisfaction and respect for the environment, as do our friends of ECOTURISMO LOS CUERVOS, 100% local company.

    The best stay can surely be enjoyed in CASA MATEO, a proud member of our collection.

    Isla Holbox – Quintana Roo

    Beyond its singular beauty, Isla Holbox has extensive beaches where life of hundreds of marine species and birds proliferates, making this place an excellent destination to practice ecotourism. Among the most significant and sought-after in the area we can find the swimming with the whale shark, which can be practiced only during part of the summer, when these beautiful animals make their appearance there. You can also take the islands tour, which visit the most representative ones: Isla Pájaros, Isla Pasión and Yalahau where the greatest attraction is the observation of endemic birds, and swimming in cenotes, which they say have healing properties.

    Just like “la isla”, with a bohemian and ecological environment we find   VILLAS FLAMINGOS, a “Mexico Boutique Hotel” where adventure is complemented with beautiful and comfortable rooms and a marvelous restaurant.

    If you want to enjoy an adrenaline rush and enjoy adventures full of respect for the environment, do not hesitate to visit any of these spots, and allow us to plan it all for you

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