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    Mexico from the heights! The most amazing tramways in the country

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    Mexico from the heights! The most amazing tramways in the country

    From the need to solve transport problems (whether it be materials for construction or even people) by those who lived in the Middle Ages, is that today we can enjoy a wonderful and unique invention “THE CABLE TRAMWAY”. Primitive cable cars have been found in several countries around the world, from China and Japan to New Zealand and Brazil. These same cable cars are thought to have been used mainly in the construction of fortifications and castles.

    Y aunque en la actualidad EL TELEFÉRICO no funge como un medio de transporte convencional, ha llegado a ser para muchos lugares que cuentan con uno, un valor agregado en cuanto a atracciones turísticas para sus visitantes. Hoy queremos hablar de algunos de los que actualmente se encuentran instalados en México y que resultan además de útiles muy divertidos, ya que al usarlos las personas pueden tener la mejor perspectiva de un sitio, y esto es ” desde las alturas”.

    And although CABLE TRAMWAYS do not currently serve as a conventional means of transport, it has become, for many places that have one, an added value in terms of tourist attractions for its visitors. Today we want to talk about some of those that are currently installed in Mexico and that are also very useful tools, since by riding them people can have the best perspective of a place, and this is “from the heights”.


    This is the longest one in the country, it takes 40 minutes to tour it and passengers can enjoy all the way the spectacular and panoramic views of the “Del Cobre” “Tararecua” and “Urique” canyons; it is located inside the Parque Aventuras Barrancas del Cobre in Chihuahua. There are departures every 30 minutes throughout the day and the costs are truly symbolic.


    Located in the heart of the city and operating since 1979, this cable car connects Cerro de la Bufa and Cerro del Grillo. Suspended from a height of 89 meters, you tour 650 meters of beautiful landscapes of a city featuring one of the best architectures in the country.


    Since 2016, this cable car crosses right through the center of the capital and besides traveling 750 meters of incomparable views, you have the possibility of learning about the most fantastic stories of Durango told by tour guides, experts and passionate about their city during the journey . In its viewpoint, cultural events and open-air cinema performances take place.


    It is one of the latest cable cars to be opened, but one of the most famous nationwide. It covers a total of 688 meters and during the tour you can admire the beautiful volcanoes located near the city, as well as its incredible urban mural, the largest in the world, among many other attractions


    The nature that embraces this beautiful city can be admired from the heights through a trip by the cable car of Orizaba, opened in the year 2013. Although the duration of the journey does not exceed 5 minutes, the exciting thing is that it is one of the highest in the country, reaching up to 320 meters in height until its last point, the top of Cerro del Borrego.


    Rising about 280 meters, this cable car offers a unique tour through one of the most impressive places in Nuevo Leon: “Grutas de García”, where you can find impressive stalactites and stalagmites created in a natural way over thousands of years.

    The summer is not over yet, so you still have the opportunity to visit any of these magical destinations and marvel from the heights with its tramways.

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