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  • Hoteles Boutique de México - A curated collection for the discerning traveler

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    The Best Breakfasts—included in the rate.

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    The Best Breakfasts—included in the rate.

    Open your eyes in the morning in a Boutique Hotel… after sleeping in the comfort of their beds, the tranquility that you can feel in every space and wake up in a magical place… the cherry on top to have a brekafast for champions. We present you with the list of the best breakfasts that are offered in Mexico Boutique Hotels included in the rate.

    Quinta las Acacias

    Start the day with a breakfast in their european style restaurant where you will be welcome with a wide menu, composed by traditional breakfasts and mexican dishes. But you will also find some sorprises as the apple crepes, the enjococadas (tortillas stuffed with beans and cover with jocoque) and the cuitlacoche quesadillas.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-1

    Orgánico Boutique Hotel

    Breakfasts at Orgánico are a display of options for their clients, every morning the chef set up a buffette station ideal for the cool mornings of the Ajusco. Variety of juices, fruit  and bread within the options of main dishes scramble eggs, chilaquiles and hot cakes.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-10

    La Casa del Atrio

    La Casa del Atrio is characterized by its different patios where you can seat to enjoy the Queretáro mornings, each cornesr is special and they can make that every morning is unique. The kitchen is family style, coffee, juic and fruit of the season and for the main dishes our recommendation are the chilaquiles and a selection of eggs.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-2

    L´Hotel Tres Vidas

    Its restaurant has fantastic ocean views to pair your breakfast, a wide menu, where you will always find something for every taste. The specialties are the infusions, we suggest to try the spinach and goat cheese omelette, the croissant  with prosciutto, brie and tomato.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-3
    Casa de Mita

    In this house of the Mexican Pacific where you will feel like visiting a friend, this feeling extends to the breakfast, while you take advantage of the morning breeze they will recieve you with fresh sponge cakes, and the chef can make you a variety of dishes according to the fresh ingredients that they have. Omelettes are a must.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-4

    Rancho las Cruces

    The wide dinning room with iron tables and ceramic details will take you to a different time. The cuisine is very traditional and homemade; the best to start is a fruit plate with granola and yoghurt, follow by your eggs selection and you surely  don’t want to miss the fresh bread.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-13


    La Quinta Luna

    Its dinning room and patio welcomes you to a relax morning, here the dishes are for every taste and even though they seemed to be traditional the recipes  have atwist making the a new experience for the palate. From the recommended dishes there are the persil eggs with a touch of parmesan, casuela eggs and chilaquiles prietos in bean sauce.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-6

    Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía

    The tradition in this hotel is perceive in the colors, in the antiques and in the dishes that are prepared including breakfasts. Start with sweet and salty bread, their classical eggs in the Sacristía sauce (originbal recipe of th ehouse) all acompannied by a delicious coffee to start with the right foot.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-14

    B Cozumel

    Enjoying the beautiful coors of the seas that just the caribbean can offer, Costeñito Bistro offres a selection of juices and smoothies ideal to start the morning with a boost of energy. Traditional breakfast and mexican dishes, but our recommendations are to try the carrot or banana bread recently made, chaya omelette or poached eggs.

    Los-Mejores Desayunos-incluidos-en-la-tarifa-7
    Mary Carmen López

    Más de 10 años de trayectoria en la idustria hotelera, Lic. en Administración Hotelera y Turística, con especializaciones en Mercadotecnia y Ventas. Se ha desarrollado profesionalmente en diversos hoteles en México y en el extranjero enfocándose en los últimos años en la hotelería boutique. Apasionada por el turismo en México busca en cada viaje conocer lo más destacado a nivel cultural, gastronómico e histórico de cada destino.

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