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    The hotel & your pet

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    The hotel & your pet

    In some other occasions we have presented to you some tips to travel with your pet; on this occasion, we want to give you some tips about your pet’s stay in the hotel.

    1- The first recommendation is to devote some time to research the lodging you have in mind; it is important to make sure the hotel accepts pets. We also recommend you ask if there is some extra cost, any restrictions or special amenities for your pet.
    2- Barking can be bothersome for other guests, so we recommend to take a long walk in the morning so that it takes out energy and keeps calm during the day. We also recommend to stay away from situations you know that make it bark, for example, some caressing that might raise its excitement.
    3- When arriving at the hotel, you must keep a calmed and confident posture in order to show your pet that although it is an unknown place, there is nothing to fear. This will keep him from getting scared by the amount of strangers. In case it growls, tray to calm it down instead of scolding it.
    4- When you arrive at your room, we recommend you enter first, again with the objective of showing confidence. Then allow it to enter but make it stay in one spot while you unpack or explore your room, as this will promote that your smell is all over the place, reinforcing its confidence.
    5- Being in a new place, your pet will have a lot of new places to explore, but also a lot of new things to eat. When you see that your dog strays from your side or explores the area, keep an eye on the things it can ingest, form plants to decorations.

    We hope you have an excellent trip.

    Mary Carmen López (Eng)

    With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Management specializing in marketing and sales, Mary Carmen has developed her career working at various hotels in Mexico and abroad, focusing in recent years on the boutique hotel industry. Passionate about tourism in Mexico, in every trip she seeks to find the cultural, culinary and historic highlights of each destination.

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