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    #Marytour at Merida…Casa Azul

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    #Marytour at Merida…Casa Azul

    Casa Azul Monumento Histórico 

    This new adventure took me to Mérida. This city transports you to colonial times where it is easy to see the french influence reflected mainly in the facades of the buildings. All this, I was able to watch it while Abraham take me to the hotel.

    As you arrive it is very easy to notice that the place really makes honor to its name “Casa Azul” (Blue House), with the walls painted in a blue-gray tone simply beautiful. The welcoming is very warm from all the staff that was attempt to my arrival. At the Front Office they offered me a “piña colada” to refresh myself; although it was late you could still feel the warm weather of the city.

    When you enter, it is impossible to stop looking around as all the place is full of details, furniture of that time, decorations, lamps, all of this in a French style house with a central patio and ails that communicate the accesses to every room.

    The house is protected by INAH so the original distribution of the house was kept the same one, the floors are the originals from the house and in a few words the building is consider an historic Monument of Mérida city.

    Pamela who is in charge of the sales department invites me to know the house. Every room has the name of a saint, each one decorated in a different color, keeping the harmony of the place.

    The rooms are very wide and what it is surprising is that the bathrooms of the master suites are the same size of the rooms and they have whirlpool bathtub.

    One of the details that capture my attention were the coat racks have a palm hat and an umbrella  which are for sale and are perfect to cover from the sun while taking a walk. And the rooms have natural flower arrangements. The amenities are organic and are from Yucatan and include a natural fiber sponge.

    After the tour I went to install in my room; a welcoming fruit basket, jacuzzi decorated with rose petals, and the amenities of the bathroom included salts.

    Before enjoying of the jacuzzi I went to have dinner. Miguel, my waiter, was super attempt to what I required. There are two areas where you can have your meals, either in the garden or in the dining room. The dining room is closed and it has air conditioned, all decorated in blue tones.

    As the night was cooler I decided to eat outside and enjoy the beauty of the central patio , that even if it is not very big, it has several elements that make it magical… a fountain, bird cages with candles and a small bench to relax.

    For dinner I choose traditional Yucatan dishes. For me there is nothing better that to enjoy the local gastronomy and learn a little bit more of the culture of the region; lime soup and filled cheese, absolutely delicious, the cheese is also accompanied by handmade tortillas. The dinner menu changes everyday and is a four course menu.

    After I had to enjoy the jacuzzi and then to sleep. Very comfortable beds.

    In the morning, I had breakfast with Pamela who told me more of the hotel and the reconstruction of the place. The menu has several options for all the tastes; you cannot miss the chance to try the sweet bread that is unique as well as the motuleño eggs, also typical from the region.

    And there is no better remedy for the warm weather than to take a splash into the pool. It is located at the bottom of the house and it is cozy, and it has a couple of lounge chairs, a living room and a Jacuzzi. The waiters are always aware in case you want a beverage or a snack.


    Before leaving I stop by the restaurant and had a Santa Isabel salad and Panuchos. By the way the meals are accompanied of delicious habanero sauce, just for trained palates =)


    Mary Carmen López

    Más de 10 años de trayectoria en la idustria hotelera, Lic. en Administración Hotelera y Turística, con especializaciones en Mercadotecnia y Ventas. Se ha desarrollado profesionalmente en diversos hoteles en México y en el extranjero enfocándose en los últimos años en la hotelería boutique. Apasionada por el turismo en México busca en cada viaje conocer lo más destacado a nivel cultural, gastronómico e histórico de cada destino.

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