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    Breathe peace and harmony at Gran Casa Sayula

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    Breathe peace and harmony at Gran Casa Sayula

    Usually when we think about tranquility and luxury, we imagine a spot in front of the sea or a private and comfortable cabin on the mountain, but probably nobody would believe that a place of peace and elegance could be found in the heart of a picturesque “Magical Town” called Sayula.

    Sayula is located at about 90 minutes from Guadalajara. It is an imortant municipality in the state of Jalisco that has grown with the years, but still keeps its traditions, legends, adobe houses and homely environment.

    Upon arriving at Sayula, you recognize the picturesque facades painted in two colors, most people on foot or bicycle, the typical old stores in the gates and arches of the main plaza with a central kiosk and the Church of the Immaculate a few blocks away.

    Walking on one of the main streets downtown, you suddenly find a building that honors its name in all the senses: GRAN CASA SAYULA, where you will live a great experience and a great quality in service.

    This restored casona is a magical place where honestly, before its architecture and decor impacts you, your senses are touched by an ambient of serenity, peace, aromas and essences. Truly, a sensation difficult to put in words.

    And when you tour the place, you can immediately perceive the good taste on the walls, in every detail and every corner of the house.

    The rooms feature everything you need for a pleasant rest: a very well equipped bathroom with amenities that lure your sense of smell again and a room decorated exquisitely, each one with a personalized touch.

    After seeing the rooms, visiting all the place keeps the delight on. On the upper part there is a small chapel ideal for private and discreet ceremonies.

    The pool located between the rooms and the restaurant lures you into chilling under the water at the first opportunity.

    Restaurant La Frambuesa is the kind of space that captivates even before reading the menu. You won’t want to leave once you taste the house specialties and desserts.

    El Coyote bar is the other spot any Sayula visitor should stop by. In a spectacular environment, it seems that an Indian tribe left their main objects as souvenirs to admire while you get refreshed with a good drink.

    Touring the Gallery takes you to another era, and visiting the Terracota Spa wraps you in a world of deeper peace and tranquility, as it is unique and offers the most peculiar and relaxing treatments. Terracota Spa features not only single or couple massage areas, but also sauna, steam and relaxation rooms and a Jacuzzi for chromo therapy. You will not only enjoy a massage but will experiment a full rebirth and renovation ceremony.

    In order to know Sayula, you only have to follow the tradition. It is called the town of the 3 P’s (Portales, Pitayas and Puñales, in Spanish). In the portales (portals) around the main plazayou can relax under the shade of the many impressive trees. The pitayas are exotic fruits with a delicious flavor you can enjoy and even try a spa treatment with them. The puñales (knifes) are made by hand with old techniques which are a delight to learn about.

    Sayula’s history is as ample as interesting. It is the hometown of writer Juan Rulfo. It is famous also by its milk sweets made by different artisan families. It is the stage of the famous and fun legend of the Soul of Sayula. A cultural site full of temples and chapels, renowned by its festivities, especially the Carnival. When it comes to beverages, they are the creators of “raicilla”, a drink from the “lechuguilla” agave, and a delicious pomegranate punch. It is a place full of natural resources and colorful flora with a warm climate to enjoy.

    Allow yourself to live an experience like this. You start with your will, we take care of the rest.

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