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    Emotional tourism… beyond just traveling

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    Emotional tourism… beyond just traveling

    Tourism is a social phenomenon that has been present in the world since ancient times, which over time has taken on increasing importance and has been adapting in each region of the planet where it is present, which brings us today to know one of its best facets, that of EMOTIONAL TOURISM.

    If you have not heard the term, it is enough to emphasize its name to understand that this facet of tourism takes the fact of involving feelings and emotions in travel. But something so wonderful can only be achieved by creating new alternatives for the public, that is, by finding a way for the visited places to be lived in a unique way, staying away from the masses looking to achieving a marked differentiation with the rest of the conventional trips. In the end, all this will mean that this “TRAVEL EXPERIENCE” will create a satisfactory and lasting memory which in turn will awaken the desire to live that kind of experiences again in the short term.

    The EMOTIONAL TOURISM seeks to satisfy a specific demand, where the traveler is no longer satisfied with the classic tours and popular activities, so EMOTIONS must be added to the trip. While it is true that these travelers have to be offered places that are not very crowded or to some extent unknown, it is not about “inventing the black thread” but it can also offer an experience full of emotions showing a well-known destination, but in a unique and different way in which they have the opportunity to feel like another citizen, try the traditional recipes of the most representative dishes and explore isolated corners of the great movements of people.

    Definitely EMOTIONAL TOURISM has come to impose a challenge for those of us who are immersed in this field as providers of tourism services, due to the complexity of finding the authentic part of each trip and the obligation to be renewing ourselves day after day. However, one thing must be clear: “TO CAUSE AN EMOTION, YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE INTERESTS OF THE TRAVELER WELL”, if we are clear on this part, we have already gained an important percentage of satisfaction.

    In Mexico Boutique Hotels we like to know our clients, for us it is essential to investigate the reasons that have led them to want to travel. Having already that information coupled with our extensive knowledge of the regions in which our hotels are located (activities, festivities, weather, best time to travel, novel and authentic attractions, etc.), we find the perfect way to create an emotional link between our travelers and us, giving them not only what they need, but what they did not know they needed.

    Definitively, the best way to achieve the loyalty of travelers in EMOTIONAL TOURISM is through reaching their entire SATISFACTION.

    Contact us and allow us to CREATE EMOTIONS in your travels…

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    Angela Ortega

    Nacida en el centro del país, pero pasando la mayor parte de su vida en el bello estado de Nayarit adquirió el amor por esas tierras y por las bellezas naturales que estas poseen. Con la firme convicción de ser gestora del crecimiento turístico en el estado y en el país, estudio la Licenciatura en Gestión y Desarrollo Turístico en la Universidad Tecnológica de Nayarit. De manera inmediata al finalizar sus estudios se incursionó en el mundo de la hotelería en Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, una cuidad icono del país, bien conocida por su amplia oferta hotelera. Estar inmersa en ese ámbito y desempeñando diversos puestos en diferentes áreas, le permitió desarrollar sus habilidades de trabajo en equipo, de espíritu de servicio, así como aprender los estándares de operación de un gran complejo hotelero. Pasados un par años y por motivos personales se retiro de la hoteleria, pero la vida puso en su camino a Hoteles Boutique de México, una empresa con convicciones muy similares a las personales, las cuales involucran representar a México ante el mundo como una marca que garantiza escenarios memorables gracias a sus bellezas naturales poseídas, así como un excelente trato por parte de una población que por herencia es servicial y buena anfitriona. Actualmente funge como Chief E-Concierge and Travel Designer en la empresa antes mencionada, ofreciendo día a día al viajero la oportunidad vivir una experiencia diferente donde la atención a los detalles hacen una enorme diferencia.

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