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    Playa Escondida… A gift of nature

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    Playa Escondida… A gift of nature

    Imagine having the opportunity to visit an exuberant jungle located right in front of a quiet private beach, where live hundreds of beautiful birds that seem to want to shout to the world how happy they are living there when they sing, where at nightfall the sky is so clear that you seem to touch the stars just by stretching your hand.

    A place where nature shows how kind and wonderful it is, allowing visitors to see it in its greatest splendor: endemic animals, palm trees dancing to the rhythm of the waves, and a sea of ​​calm blue waters in which the humpback whale finds a warm refuge in wintertime.

    HOTEL BOUTIQUE PLAYA ESCONDIDA is the name of the place where everything mentioned above comes to life, a place where the main commitment is the conservation of its natural beauty, a place that knows and preaches the concept of “privacy” perfectly, where there will be no signs pointing the way to arrive at everyone’s sight, but it is offered as a GIFT to the true lovers of nature, for those who want to get away from the conventional.

    There are 32 rooms that this hotel offers, 32 opportunities to know a different definition of what luxury is, where the air conditioning is replaced by the fresh sea breeze and the best environmental music are the waves breaking on the beach, the alarm clocks are the friendly parrots and birds of the area which with their song announce that a new day has begun.

    Eating fresh seafood, freshly cut fruit is a privilege that can also be experienced here; in the restaurant of PLAYA ESCONDIDA, the commitment is to satisfy the palates of its guests by giving them the opportunity to taste the local flavor, making the best combinations resulting in a varied menu in which there are options for all tastes.

    When you are in a place that evokes rest, there is no better way to complement the your relaxation than with a massage or body treatment, which is offered in an open-air palapa facing the sea with an incomparable view; or what to say of its magnificent yoga platform where every morning the guests of the hotel come together to reconnect their body with the nature filled with peace. You can also say farewell to the day by taking a horse ride, admiring the sunset and saying “goodbye” to the sun, anxiously awaiting a reunion with him the next day.

    HOTEL BOUTIQUE PLAYA ESCONDIDA,shows the “not so well-known” face of Sayulita, Nayarit, the magical town where it is located, a place that is undoubtedly A GIFT OF NATURE thanks to its countless attributes

    We dare to visit it, and discover why it is one of the hotels belonging to the select collection of MEXICO BOUTIQUE HOTELS.

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    Angela Ortega

    Nacida en el centro del país, pero pasando la mayor parte de su vida en el bello estado de Nayarit adquirió el amor por esas tierras y por las bellezas naturales que estas poseen. Con la firme convicción de ser gestora del crecimiento turístico en el estado y en el país, estudio la Licenciatura en Gestión y Desarrollo Turístico en la Universidad Tecnológica de Nayarit. De manera inmediata al finalizar sus estudios se incursionó en el mundo de la hotelería en Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, una cuidad icono del país, bien conocida por su amplia oferta hotelera. Estar inmersa en ese ámbito y desempeñando diversos puestos en diferentes áreas, le permitió desarrollar sus habilidades de trabajo en equipo, de espíritu de servicio, así como aprender los estándares de operación de un gran complejo hotelero. Pasados un par años y por motivos personales se retiro de la hoteleria, pero la vida puso en su camino a Hoteles Boutique de México, una empresa con convicciones muy similares a las personales, las cuales involucran representar a México ante el mundo como una marca que garantiza escenarios memorables gracias a sus bellezas naturales poseídas, así como un excelente trato por parte de una población que por herencia es servicial y buena anfitriona. Actualmente funge como Chief E-Concierge and Travel Designer en la empresa antes mencionada, ofreciendo día a día al viajero la oportunidad vivir una experiencia diferente donde la atención a los detalles hacen una enorme diferencia.

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