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    6 Activities at Real de Catorce

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    6 Activities at Real de Catorce

    A #MagicalTown still preserving vestiges of the splendor it lived over 100 years ago, a region wrought by mining and Huichol culture where mysticism is present in every corner, all that is Real de Catorce. That is why we bring to you six activities to carry out during your visit.

    1. Bullring and cockfight palenque: They are a perfect example of the opulence lived up to the beginning of Mexican Revolution. They date from the 19th century and are built in pink cantera stone. They also have one of the best panoramic views of the town and is the stage for several activities and events.
    2. Saint Francis of Assisi: There are three places you must visit about this theme, the old cemetery of Saint Francis behind the Guadalupe Chapel dating back to 1770. In these constructions is present the religious syncretism which was part of everyday life in that age, for highlighted in the grating are details of the peyote flower or “hikuri”, the crypts of some town characters and paintings from 19th century. Saint Francis of Assisi was formerly here but it was transferred to the Immaculate Conception Parish of neoclassical style with Doric details. This figurine is articulated, so you can see it lying or standing. During October is the main Saint Francis’ celebration with his pilgrimages.
    3. The Mint: In 1863 it was in charge of minting the country’s coins and in the splendor age of the town it was the third most important one in the country. Today it is a museum.
    4. Willys: In these old trucks you can have an experience to take you back in time, where you will visit mines, the Catorce and Wadley train stations and enjoy the spectacular views of the valley and Wirikuta.
    5. Ogarrio Festival: By the end of March is celebrated the opening of the tunnel from 1901. In this festival the locals wear old customs, so you will really enjoy the splendor of the mining age of Real de Catorce. The Ogarrio tunnel is 2.25 kilometer long and is the main access to town. Inside the tunnel there is a chapel very few get to see.
    6. Wirikuta: You will climb up with the Caballeros del Real, a group of riders offering tours lasting about 3 hours. They go through the San Augustine Mine. Wirikuta covers an extension of 869 sq km and possess a great biodiversity. It boasts the largest concentration of cactus per square kilometer in the world. Peyote is raised here, a primary element of the rituals performed by Huicholes during their yearly pilgrimage.

    We invite you to enjoy a holiday at Real de Catorce and let yourself be pampered by Mesón de la Abundancia.

    Mary Carmen López (Eng)

    With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Management specializing in marketing and sales, Mary Carmen has developed her career working at various hotels in Mexico and abroad, focusing in recent years on the boutique hotel industry. Passionate about tourism in Mexico, in every trip she seeks to find the cultural, culinary and historic highlights of each destination.

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