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    Culinary expressions by Mexico Boutique Hotels

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    Culinary expressions by Mexico Boutique Hotels

    Culinary Expressions is a new opportunity to discover flavors through the selection of Mexico Boutique Hotels, a variety of options to explore new tastes of Mexico…

    Flavors of the Sea….Tino´s  el Malecón, “Seafood Cathedral”… 


    Created by the carbajal family and consider in the region of Puerto Vallarta as the Seafood Cathedral, a symbol of Vallarta’s traditions for over 20 years. The restaurant offers a wid variety of traditonal dishes that national and foreign visitors enjoy everyday, attended by the staff that will recommend you the chef’s specialties, as well as other traditional dishes such as the Meunière Mussels (prepared with butter, garlic, chopped parsley and white wine), of course not forgetting on the pairing wine that will make a more pleasent experience.

    Chef’s Flavors…. Erlum contemporary Signature Cuisine, “Freshness for the palate”…


    Fresh and seasonal products are the elements that distinguish Erlum contemporary. The visitors who enjoy the magestic historic downtown of the city, will enjoy a delicious breakfast, a variety of eggs up to a fancy egg sandwich. For lunch they offered packages with optios of the day or menus created for executives. By night you can start with a watercress salad, follow by a unique bratwirst saussage and pork leg to conclude the evening. Carla and Brendan the designers behind this culinary fusions, along with Doña Violeta, Don Rafael and Rafa are the authors that make al their customers feel like a guest in their house.

    Gourmet Flavors… Café des Artistes Bistró Gourmet, “Exclusivity, Elegance and Comfort”…


    A bistró Menu, with gourmet appetizers a selection of international dishes are the perfect label to describeCafé des Artistes. With a priviledge location in old town Puerto Vallarta, the Chef Thierry Blouet creates and manage carefully his menu, giving as a result an artisctic work in the gourmet world enhancin the explossion of flavors that is printed in every dish that their customers taste.


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