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    Fall 2017, fashion or traveling season?

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    Fall 2017, fashion or traveling season?

    September 22 marks the official start of autumn 2017. On this date night and day will last exactly the same time and from then on nights will start becoming longer and longer up to winter solstice, when they will be at their longest duration.

    With fall’s arrival temperature starts to change and days get cooler but not cold yet. Leaves of deciduous trees change their color from green to golden brown and start to fall. Harvest time arrives as well, bringing on all its related festivities.

    In Mexico there are tropical areas where these temperature changes are hardly noticeable, such as the touristic zones of Cancun and Riviera Maya, while in other regions environment variations are clearer and let us feel their effects.

    Autumn marks also the start of one of the two fashion seasons worldwide, with ever-changing colors and textures, but always according to the times.  And we have also the start of a series of events that give us the perfect excuse to travel within Mexico, with the season kick off in Chichén Itzá and its mystical light and shadow serpent descending from the top to the base of the Kukulkán pyramid right at the sunset of the equinox day.

    This is also the season of the Cervantine International festival in Guanajuato, the most important cultural event in the country with arts presentations in each and very stage of the city. Film is celebrated in two important festivals: Oaxaca Film Fest, focused on independent productions, and Morelia Film Festival, with a larger international presence.

    In October Tulum features the Marine Turtle Festival, which pretends to raise awareness about the importance of this beautiful animal, and in Mexico City the spectacular Alebrijes parade is carried out.  Of course, the largest fiesta this season is the Day of the Dead, a syncretic, country-wide religious celebration that gathers all Mexicans in the memorial of our beloved departed.

    Enjoy these and many more events in Mexico and stay in one of the members hotels of our boutique collection.

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    Paco Morás (Eng)

    A translation and interpretation specialist, Paco Morás is also passionate for literature, music and tourism. For the last fifteen years he has worked as a language and service trainer in the high-end hotel industry in the Vallarta – Nayarit area. He has also collaborated as a free-lance writer in several electronic and printed media.

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