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    A Hidden Gem in the Gulf of Mexico – Isla Hobox

    A Hidden Gem in the Gulf of Mexico – Isla Hobox

    A place unspoiled by tourism with the warmest of welcomes

    This is day five of our epic, all out, Indiana Jones vs. Tomb Raider, ten-day adventure to the Riviera Maya and Isla Holbox on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico where we explored Mayan culture, mythology and eco-adventure. Today we are at one of the best resorts in Mexico -the luxurious, boutique, Villas Flamingos where we spent a few days of island style relaxation. This is a journal where you’ll find travel tips and highlights of our personal experience. Follow from the beginning here!

    A Little Bit About Isla Holbox

    There’s nothing quite like waking up just as the sun begins to peek over the horizon to the sound of tropical birds and crashing waves. Except of course when it unravels in front of your floor to ceiling windows, above your private pool, from your luxury beach bungalow. This was the start of our first full day on Isla Holbox. I couldn’t have imagined it better.

    We rolled out of bed and in about three minutes were out the door. We head straight for the beachside breakfast table. No shoes needed.

    This was my first real glimpse of Villas Flamingos Hotel since the night before when we arrived it was pretty dark. We shuffled our feet across our private patio, passed our hammock and some giant beach cabanas where we were met by one of the hotel’s locals. His name was ‘Pancho’ and he was surrounded by several lovely little ladies. Pancho is a giant iguana with a permanent address in paradise, and his ladies..well they’re there for the digs too of course!

    So far, Villas Flamingos was panning out to be nothing short of heaven. And I couldn’t even wait to see the rest of Isla Holbox. So, after a spectacular gulfside breakfast (and a tropical adult beverage), we called for a golf cart cab to pick us up and take us into the city center where we could rent our own golf cart for a day.

    TRAVEL TIP: The golf cart cab is called over by the concierge. It’s $5 USD each way to and from the city, or you can rent your own golf cart for about $70 USD for 24 hours. I highly recommend it. 

    Isla Holbox Street Art

    We spent most of the day driving up and down island streets made entirely of sand. We were captured by the amount of beautiful street art all over the village huts. It seemed like where there was an opportunity to make art, it was taken.

    I’ve always loved the beautiful artwork which comes from the many different cultures in Mexico. The people of this country are skilled craftsman and artists, and Isla Holbox is no different. It’s literally impossible to drive down a street and not see a beautiful mural.

    Other Awesome Stuff to Spot in Isla Holbox

    There’s so much to see on this little island which makes it so special. It’s full of color and life, yet hasn’t been ruined by hords of tourism. This is in all reality, a perfect island getaway. Check out some of the things we saw driving around on our little golf cart.

    Dining at Villas Flamingos to the Setting Sun

    After a long day of sight seeing on Isla Holbox we were dying for some island cuisine. We traveled back to the hotel by sandy streets via our rented golf cart (which by this time The Little was driving), and made our way back to our luxury hotel by the sea.

    By the looks of the dining room at Villas Flamingos, we had a pretty good idea is was going to be amazing. Twilight was just starting to peek from a long day of sunshine and before we knew it, we were eating the most fabulous meal, watching the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico, and soaking up every minute of paradise.

    Follow along on our mother and son adventure

    as we share more of our Villas Flamingos experience and tell you all about this amazing boutique resort and Isla Holbox, undoubtedly the gem of the Caribbean. We’ll share with you a beautiful photo essay of things we did around the hotel for our last day in paradise.

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