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    Press articles

    Let’s Road Trip Through Mexico!

    Have you ever walked up to a young child in a department store and said “Look! TOYS!”, and then saw their face explode with sheer delight as they scream and make a run for it? That is me whenever someone says the words ‘road trip’. I get insanely excited over the prospect of going...

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    Driving in Guanajuato: Google is Fired

    It’s 9:30 p.m. and both Christine and I are delirious with exhaustion as we climb the steps to our room at Quinta Las Acacias in Guanajuato. It’s been a long and eventful day and as we reach the top of the stairs we are laughing uncontrollably for absolutely no reason. It all started with our decision...

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    Is Oaxaca Worth Your Time?

    I admit, I was a little leery of travelling to Oaxaca last year. Usually places that garner so much positive press are overrun with travellers and I get a little suspicious. I want to explore Mexico, not float from tourist hotspot to tourist hotspot! It sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know.  I think it’s because I...

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    A Mexican Road Trip in 50 Photos

    Road trips are one of my favourite travel activities as I have a chance to see the place I’m visiting in a more personal way. I can stop whenever I wish and snap photos. I can eat by the roadside with locals. I have complete freedom to choose my route, and then change said...

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