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    A Mexican Road Trip in 50 Photos

    A Mexican Road Trip in 50 Photos

    Road trips are one of my favourite travel activities as I have a chance to see the place I’m visiting in a more personal way. I can stop whenever I wish and snap photos. I can eat by the roadside with locals. I have complete freedom to choose my route, and then change said route several times along the way. My recent road trip through Mexico was no different (aside from that mistake in Chiapas of course).

    As a photography lover, my camera is an extension of myself. I use to to capture details, food, people, landscapes, memories.

    While there were some challenges on this road trip, there were a lot of good moments. Moments that made me smile and laugh. Moments that taught me a little more about life in Mexico and the difference between traditional media reports, and reality.

    This is a my visual trip through Mexico, I hope you enjoy it.

    Farewell Bucerias


    Our first night was spent at the gorgeous Gran Casa Sayula in the town of Sayula which is about an hour south of Guadalajara.

    Mexico City

    One of the larget cities in the world, it is impossible to see all of Mexico City. You could spend a year in the city and just barely scratch the surface.

    San Cristobal de las Casas

    A Spanish colonial town in the mountains in Chiapas, San Cristobal de las Casas was pretty, full of expats and tourists, and really cold at night. And I still really liked it.


    Near the Guatemalan border, Tapachula is usually a minor stopover city, however we spent three nights (was suppose to be one) just north of the city at Argovia Finca Resort, a boutique hotel/coffee plantation.