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    Editor’s Note: I was a guest of Luna Liquida, a boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta. You can review my disclosure policy here

    Tucked on a cobblestone street, perched on a steep slope, this boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta seems inconspicuous. If it wasn’t for a tiny sign hanging on the outside of the old building announcing the presence of Luna Liquida, it’s easily missed.

    Which means it’s love at first sight for me.

    Beyond that exterior is a bright, vibrant world that has come to life, thanks to Fher Olvera, the frontman of one of Mexico’s most famous rock bands, Maná — who is also the proprietor of the boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta, which is a member of Mexico Boutique Hotels.

    Spanning five villas, this seemingly quaint hotel delivers exactly what I need after an exhausting 13-hour trip: beauty and a sense of relaxation as soon as I step into my bright yellow room.

    And, yes. You read that right. A half-a-day journey from Las Vegas to Puerto Vallarta, thanks to a 1 a.m. flight to Houston, followed by a five-hour stopover and then onward to the tropical paradise.

    I first meet Paolo, who takes me on a tour of the property. His rapid-fire Spanish forces me to dig deep into the sleeping section of my brain that houses all the Spanish I learned while living in Spain the previous year.

    “Lo siento,” I say. “Yo hablo un poquito Español.”


    “No! Tú hablas muy bien,” he argues, and then continues to show me around the property. I challenge myself and let him continue in Spanish, understanding the bits I think I need to get by during my three nights: the keys which let me in the gate, into my room and the hours of the complimentary breakfast.

    And then, I’m on my own to relish in my first passport stamp in a year. And, my first visit to Mexico (I know, I know).

    The Room at Luna Liquida


    Two things are really important to me when I book a hotel: it’s non-cookie-cutter feel and the ambience created in the rooms. This room, the smallest of the ones I see at the hotel, is anything but cookie cutter.


    The room is bright, awash in yellow with a sliding glass door which takes over nearly an entire wall. Outside that glass door is my version of heaven: a gorgeous patio with a bistro set overlooking the historic Old Town of Puerto Vallarta (also known as Zona Romantico). Beyond that, the sparkling Bay of Banderas.


    Perched so high, there is a stillness outside my room. An air that is thick, thanks to the humidity, but also comforting.

    At night, I opt at first to keep the patio doors open, but it’s October, and it’s hot with a little breeze, so instead I turn on the air.

    While the bed itself is a bit hard (almost Thai-style, but not that hard), it is still pretty comfortable.

    The room itself has a large closet and small safe, along with two complimentary bottles of water each day, a table and chairs (I prefer to sit outside on those, though), and a flat screen with plenty of stations. It also features locally made soap and bath products.

    The Amenities

    What stacks the cards the most at Luna Liquida isn’t the colorful room or the sense of calm I get from the view, it is the amenities (namely, the shared kitchen where I can stash my leftovers from down the hill, and later heat it up or even — gasp — cook while I am on vacation). Spoiler alert: I most definitely do not cook since I’m also there researching a guide to vegan eats in Puerto Vallarta for Vegans, Baby.

    The kitchen itself is large and opens to a common room with a dining room table and chairs, as well as a seating area in an open-air setting. Every morning, the staff prepare breakfast. Since I’m vegan, they put together a fresh fruit plate and some bread with jam, and keep the coffee (and juice) coming. While I’m there, it is pretty quiet, so I get the entire table to myself and spend time writing, drinking coffee and gazing out at the world beyond me.


    Then, there is the upstairs. It’s my favorite place to go, and I spend a lot of my downtime on this rooftop patio, complete with a narrow infinity pool and cold-water jacuzzi. Why? Because the view is even more breathtaking a floor up.


    The property also features Ambassador of Experiences. This concierge service essentially ensures you can do whatever your heart desires while visiting the resort town, from booking romantic dinners to luxurious spa services to exploration.

    I’m not going to lie: this hotel is up a steep hill. Really steep. But, the good news is, it is so close to the not-steep part that you are up and down in a matter of minutes. However, those minutes can hurt if it is really hot and humid out.

    If you prefer to skip the walk up from town, it’s a 50 peso bop and only a few minutes.


    Personally, I loved being up the hill a little. Other than a bag piper who decided to whip out his instrument as the sun set (don’t worry, he wasn’t a local, only visiting), it is incredibly peaceful and quiet perched above the city.

    I toured the five villas and they are spectacular. Breathtaking. Alive with color. If I wasn’t solo at Luna Liquida, any of the other apartments would have been dreamy to have for a Mexican holiday. D.R.E.A.M.Y.

    Luna Liquida is close to many of the attractions in town, including The Cross (get ready for some serious uphill pitch), the expansive Malecon boardwalk packed with restaurants and bars, as well as shops, beaches and the Rio Cuale and its market.

    The staff were all friendly and took the time to talk with me. The property was spotless. I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels over the years, and this boutique hotel really nails it in terms of what I love about my stay: a place which captures the culture, art, and ambience of a place in a comfortable, friendly environment that isn’t too pricey (low season is under $100 a night).

    Stay tuned — I will be sharing my picks for what to do in Puerto Vallarta!


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