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    Mexico’s Top Gifts for the World

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    Mexico’s Top Gifts for the World

    The constant fight of many people for creating awareness in human kind of the importance of conserving sites that represent a founding part of history and culture of localities has created a recent tendency in tourism that of visiting destinations regarded as “World Heritage Sites”.

    Mexico features so far 33 sites declared by UNESCO as “World Heritage”, 27 “Cultural Heritage”, 5 “Natural Heritage” and 1 “Mixed Heritage”. Also, it has 7 traditions and parties as “Intangible World Heritage”.

    Leaving numbers aside, let us go to the “reflexive” side of the topic. If it is true that mass visits to these places brings benefits to the local economy thanks to the consumption of products and services offered by the dwellers, we must no forget the environmental impact caused by the pollution and the rise in pedestrian traffic as the number of tourists increases in a particular place.

    These sites are to be visited but also to be preserved. Government must on its side consider a rise in the cleaning and maintenance funds; we as citizens must carry out our visits in a responsible manner, trying to generate as little impact as possible with good habits as not littering and not taking away anything belonging to the natural environment.

    Here are some of these magical places in Mexico:

    Sian Ka´an


    Sian Ka’an means “heaven’s origin”. Situated on the western shore of the Yucatan Peninsula, this biosphere reserve comprises tropical forests, mangroves, marshes and a vast maritime area.

    If you decide to visit Sian Ka’an M, here is an option of boutique hotel: Blue Sky – Tulum


    Mexico City’s Historic Center


    Built by the Spaniards in the 16th on top of the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the former Aztec capital city, Mexico City is today one of the largest and populated capitals in the world.

    If you decide to visit Mexico City’s Historic Center, here is an option of boutique hotel: Orgánico Hotel Boutique – Ajusco




    Located 28 kilometers south of downtown Mexico City, Xochimilco and its canals network and artificial islands represents an exceptional example of the Aztecs’ works to build a habitat in a hostile environment for men.

    If you decide to visit Xochimilco, here is an option of boutique hotel:  Orgánico Hotel Boutique – Ajusco

    Teotihuacan pre-Hispanic City


    Located about 50 kilometers from Mexico City, the sacred city of Teotihuacan was built between the 1st and 5th centuries.

    If you decide to visit Teotihuacan, here is an option of boutique hotel:  Orgánico Hotel Boutique – Ajusco

    Oaxaca’s Historic Center


    The dimension of its buildings are true art pieces representing the Spanish urbanism of the Colonial years.

    If you decide to visit Oaxaca, here is an option of boutique hotel:  Hacienda Los LaurelesOaxaca

    Monte Albán


    This site was inhabited by the Olmec, Zapotec and Mixtec for fifteen centuries. Monte Alban’s pyramids, canals and artificial mounds were literally carved in the mountain.

    If you decide to visit Monte Alban, here is an option of boutique hotel:  Hacienda Los LaurelesOaxaca

    Puebla’s Historic Center

    Puebla centro

    The city of Puebla was founded in 1531 and ever since it has maintained great religious buildings and a large number of houses with tile-covered walls.

    If you decide to visit Puebla, here is an option of boutique hotel: Mesón Sacristía de la CompañíaPuebla

    Historic City of Guanajuato and adjacent mines


    Founded by the Spanish in the beginning of 15th century, this city became the first silver mining center of the world in the 18th century.

    If you decide to visit Guanajuato, here is an option of boutique hotel:  Quinta Las AcaciasGuanajuato

    Chichén Itza 


    This sacred city was one of the most important Mayan civilization centers in the Yucatan Peninsula.

    If you decide to visit Chichen Itza, here are two options of boutique hotels:  Blue SkyTulum y Al CieloPlaya del Carmen

    Centro histórico de Morelia


    Built on top of a hill in the 16th century, Morelia is an exceptional example of urban planning.

    If you decide to visit Morelia, here is an option of boutique hotel:  Villa MontañaMorelia

    Villa Protectora de San Miguel el Grande


    San Miguel de Allende is recognized for its great cultural offer, architectonic beauty and amusement places

    If you decide to visit San Miguel de Allende, here is an option of boutique hotel: Hotel Boutique FKSan Miguel de Allende

    Zona de monumentos históricos de Querétaro


    A stage of many historical events, Queretaro features a number of architectonic attraction in its plazas, monuments and museums.

    If you decide to visit Querétaro, here are some options of boutique hotels:  La Casa del Naranjo y La Casa del Atrio en Querétaro, además de Casa Mateo en Bernal.

    Cabañas Hospice in Guadalajara


    Built in the 19th century as an orphan house, it is currently home to the Cabañas Cultural Institute.

    If you decide to visit Guadalajara, here is an option of boutique hotel:  Villa GanzGuadalajara

    Biosphere Reserve of Monarch Butterfly


    Every autumn, millions of monarch butterflies coming from wide areas of North America nest in small areas of this reserve’s reserve, painting the trees of orange.

    If you decide to visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, here is an option of boutique hotel: Villa MontañaMorelia

    Angela Ortega (Eng)

    Born in the central region of Mexico, but having lived most of her life in the beautiful state of Nayarit, Angela fell in love with this area’s landscapes and its natural beauty. With the firm conviction from an early age that she wanted to be part of the way tourism was managed in her state and the country at large, she studied a degree in Tourism Management and Development at the Technological University of Nayarit. Immediately following her studies, she immersed herself in the world of hospitality in Puerto Vallarta, an iconic city within Mexico known for its wide range of hotels. Working within this field, she took various positions, which allowed her to develop many skills such as teamwork and great service as well as to learn about the standards of operations at a large hotel complex. After taking a break from the hotel industry for personal reasons, her path met Mexico Boutique Hotels, a company that closely matched her personal convictions, which involve presenting Mexico to the world as a brand that guarantees memorable experiences thanks to its natural beauty and the excellent hospitably of its people who by their very nature provide great service and are excellent hosts. Angela currently serves as Chief E-Concierge and Travel Designer for the aforementioned company, offering travelers the opportunity to live a different experience every day, where attention to details make a huge difference.

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